A tale of two intros

I didn’t manage to get very far in Path of Fire over the weekend, real life got in the way, my one attempt at playing through the intro instance on my Guardian met with a “disconnect and rollback” failure – half way through I was dumped out of the game and put back in Lion’s Arch. I’m not the only person to have issues, but I haven’t read much about widespread problems, so the launch seems to have gone mostly well for those with the time to play properly. Tonight’s gaming session was a first proper look at the expansion.

A dramatic arrival

This time around I was playing my Mesmer with his stalwart Asura Elementalist companion. We gritted our teeth for the expected solo trial of the intro instance, only to be very, very pleasantly surprised that both the new Lion’s Arch prelude instance and the pyramid-themed intro instance were multiplayer. Big thanks and kudos to ArenaNet for sorting that out!

Much more fun as a duo

The beta weekend pain was quickly forgotten as we zoomed through the fight with the cultists and unlocked our raptors as a duo. Afterwards we meandered around the farmlands surrounding Amnoon, picking up a few vistas and completing a few hearts.

Choya can be very mean!

The first zone was busy-ish, but not Guild Wars 2 busy, I guess most players are already well past this zone in the zerg rush towards whatever follows – at least we’ll see the alt characters as they come on through. I know I’ll certainly want to play at least two or three characters through enough of the expansion to unlock the new elite specs.

Gliders can still come in handy

Based on first impresssions, I’d say this expansion has some really nice features. More opinions will follow after I’ve had a chance to play some more. I noticed the materials store lock on certain items, inventory space is a bit of an issue for us in GW2; but we did spend some time sorting and selling as much as possible before leaping into Path of Fire so reserving a few temporary slots for crafting mats won’t be that big an issue for now.

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