Guild Wars 2: the waiting nears its end

My characters, all four level 80s, are ready to step into the brave new zones of Elona once Path of Fire opens. Naturally I won’t be doing that with the mass zerg at ~20:00 UK time, we have visitors coming this weekend and my gaming time will be limited to a some World of Warcraft later in the evening (showing the ups and downs of getting family playing a certain game…).

Impatiently waiting…

As advised in comments, I’ve gone ahead and dinged both my Necromancer and Ranger to level 80. I’ll be playing my Guardian and Mesmer first into the zone when I get the chance, but do want to take the Ranger out for a proper test run as soon as possible after that. It’ll be interesting to see how differently they each perform in that intro story instance that was a bit of a painful beta experience on the demo character.

Happy Path of Fire day for those playing later today!

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