EQ2: next expansion and catchup events

I read via Massively OP that Everquest 2’s next expansion has now been announced: Planes of Prophecy. The producer’s letter that gives this announcement includes a few details – our characters are off to various other planes such as the intriguing sounding  Plane of Innovation (Gnomes?) and the less glamorous Plane of Disease (something to do with Bertoxxulous?).

There’s some other tidbits: like last year, there’s a Gear up, Level Up! event with different weekly bonuses, starting from the 2nd October. That could be useful for me to sort out my main characters ahead of the expansion. Given that Planes of Prophecy is due in November, that gives me a good two months to explore the soon-to-launch Path of Fire expansion for GW2 – pretty good spacing for the two from my perspective. There’s apparently a prelude quest for the expansion live now.

I’ve been popping into EQ2 weekly for the summer catchup gear event, the same letter notes that there’s two weeks left of that too. I’ve still got this week’s to do at some point, it’s been one of those weeks, but I think I’ve managed to keep up with the event. There’s also a name purge coming for characters that have not been logged in for five years (as of October 17th). Time to visit some of my poor neglected alts!

Soaring new skies in November?

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