GW: the event loot hose

We had a fun session in Guild Wars 2 yesterday, exploring deeper into the Auric Basin zone of Heart of Thorns. We even got our first go at a big meta-event in the Forgotten City of Tarir, rather surprisingly since we hadn’t progressed the expansion storyline this far as yet and the nearest gate seemed impassable when we passed it while exploring.

Exploring Auric Basin

The event was well progressed by the time we managed to find our way down to the central hub (a k a Legacy Pillars). Four groups of characters were simultaneously fighting giant Octovines – we did our best not to do anything wrong while still contributing.

Event in Tarir

After the vines were slayed, the zerg united and charged down into a series of impressive under chambers. We ignored story spoilers as much as possible and just hit the odd champion monster while marvelling at the sheer abundance of Exalted chests in every successive chamber.

Big chest, little chests

Seriously, this city and its meta-event are an actual Aladdin’s cave. So much loot. Naturally our inventories are mostly full of all the stuff we’ve been rapidly accumulating as we get back into playing the game regularly. Loot has always been numerous in GW2, even if the majority isn’t that useful. With this event and similar though inventory space becomes a real headache. When you’re following a zerg, around an unfamiliar event chain (as most still are to us in this expansion) and your inventory is constantly filing, the lack of back space is a real negative aspect.

So much loot….

We’ve not played much in the more recent era of the game so money is still pretty limited on our characters. At the moment, other than a couple of larger event bags I snagged way back (e.g. Ancient Karka Shell Box), my characters bags are mostly 12 slot at most. That doesn’t give me that much room for all vast array of potions, harvesting gear, quest items, gear upgrade items and keys (or equivalents).

Of course there are easy solutions: we could burn our limited funds on crafted bags from the Black Lion auction house, we could put down some real cash to buy extra bag slots per character or I could knuckle down and finish leveling armorsmith to make some bigger boxes (e.g. the 20 slot Orichalcum Box). There are advantages and disadvantages to all of them I suppose, I’d rather not pauper my main character just to expand his inventory; likewise I’ve just bought the twin expansion deal twice so spending more cash on gems will have to wait a while. The third option just requires me to get on with some mat farming and power crafting leveling, so I guess I’ll give that a go, anything to not constantly see the overflow window popping up…

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    Gold is very easy to make these days. If you do the dailies (takes me 5-10 minutes most days) you get 2g. The log-in dailies give a total of 20 Mystic coins per month, which currently sell for over 1.5g each. Just that alone makes about 90g in the 28 day cycle.

    18-slot boxes are just over 2.5g each on the broker so you could easily buy one per day just with the log-in/daily income. Never by 20-slots – total waste of money.

    If you want 20-slots, when the Halloween event comes you can get 20-slt “Pails” for three Candy Corn Cobs (which you get both as rewards and for 1000 candy corns apiece – and 1000 candy corn is easy to come by at Halloween).

    If you do WvW (or just the dailies, most of which don’t even require that you kill anything and one of which you can do without even leaving the safe area) you can get 18-slot bags for 1g50 and 75 badges (you get 10 or 20 badges per daily) or 20 slots for 7g and 350 badges).

    There are probably other ways – not least crafting them, although the value of the mats is about the same as people charge for the finished article on the TP so unless you’re leveling the craft you might as well buy them).

    As for extra bag space, at 600 gems a slot it would cost you about 150g at current gold-gems conversion.That’s not an insignificant amout but if you make earning gold a priority you’d be surprised how fast it comes.

    The problem I find, though, is that no matter how much bag space I have i still end up with about one bag free if I’m lucky and even keeping it that way takes a lot of housekeeping. I still run out of space doing things like AB even with the maximum permitted bag slots available.

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