WoW: spell graphic changes

Yesterday I spent quite a few hours in World of Warcraft playing dungeons with a mix of different friends and family. As per usual we shifted between characters to make-up for any lack of healer or tank character in a given group. So I ended up playing my level 110 Hunter, Paladin, Shaman and Mage characters at various points.

The gang is back in town

One aspect of patch 7.3 that I had not paid much attention to, with the main focus being the new Argus content, was the changed spell graphics for some classes. I didn’t notice this at first, neither my Balance Druid or my Holy Paladin seem to have anything looking different now. But once I switched to my Resto Shaman I was very pleasantly surprised by the new ‘watery heals’ graphics.

Water has long been the theme of Shaman heals, but they’ve not necessarily looked that spectacular in the past. Now the healing wave spell is a flow of water corkscrewing up the caster’s body as (s)he chants. The chain heal spell, likewise, is  now a twisting tendril of water that winds through the air between the characters affected. Both are truly beautiful to watch.

The waters are rising…

As for Arcane Mage, the spells have certainly been updated although I’m less convinced by the change. The graphics for arcane blast and arcane barrage for instance are now more sinuous; for example arcane barrages’ missiles now curve and loop much more tightly as they head from caster to target. I suppose the same code used in the Shaman healing might also benefit the Mage’s in this regard. The spell effects are higher resolution and seem thinner and more defined. The sound effect changes for these spells I do not like particularly, to me the arcane barrage missiles sound like someone is hitting a bean bag when they strike their target…

I look forward to checking back on my Paladin and Druid, perhaps the changes are there but more subtle?

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One Response to WoW: spell graphic changes

  1. Overall I’m quite happy with the updated animations. I’m actually more pleased with the changes to the casting and idle animations, as opposed to the FX of the spells themselves. My favourite part is that the shaman idle animations allows my Orc to stand up straight for the first time in his life.

    The one bit I don’t like is the change to chain heal. It’s had largely the same FX since Warcraft III, and I’m really not happy with such a big change after so long. Hoping for a glyph that lets us have the old look back.

    Oh, and as for mages, frost definitely got the best deal there. Their new visuals and sound effects are wonderful.

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