GW2: level 80 dings dilemma

I have two level 80 ding items in Guild Wars 2 stuck in one of the two shared inventory slots on my account. It seems there’s a few bugs with this system for sharing items conveniently between characters, one being that the stack of two level 80 items I put in there cannot be removed now. So I am constantly reminded, every time my character is in the middle of the Maguuma wilds with a full inventory and no vendor nearby, of the fact that I haven’t used these items that are blocking a valuable shared inventory slot.

The dilemma for me with using  an instant level boost item is that I may come to regret the choice of character to boost. As a recent returnee to this current version of GW2 I’m not certain of what other professions I might want to raise up to the cap ready for Path of Fire. My previous beta weekend experience on a class I didn’t know wasn’t pleasant, so lack of experience playing any potential new profession is a factor. Though equally it is always nice to play something very different, just not in challenging solo-instanced content as a first session.

In at the flaming deep end with Revenant

Thusfar I have a level 80 Mesmer, and now a level 80 Guardian as well (yay!). I’m already messing around with Chronomancer on my Mesmer and will certainly want to give Mirage a try once Path of Fire comes around. I’m not settled on what spec to play for my Guardian, though I really like the look of the Firebrand spec coming in Path of Fire.

Tick-tock on the clock

Although I’ll certainly focus most of my time on Mesmer in Path of Fire initially, and will play my Guardian solo as time permits, that doesn’t resolve my inventory issue. I’m have five full character slots from way back at the launch of the game – I made sure to create characters and snag my preferred names at the time. So candidates for the insta-dings are:

Charr Necromancer
This character is one I want to play a lot more of, both from an RP perspective and because Necromancer was my first ever character in Guild Wars 1. But as my husband pointed out, we probably need to keep one character low-level just to be able to do some low-level exploration gameplay on occasion as a contrast to the current end-game zones.

Human Ranger
My Ranger is a good candidate for dinging as I fancy giving the Druid spec a go sometime. He was created as part of a human-centric leveling group to play with three other family members but that’s long-since defunct so I doubt it’ll matter if he’s out of step with them.

Sylvari Elementalist
I created this character as a second solo-character alongside the Guardian. Elementalist is a very appealing profession stylistically, but I’ve found the gameplay to be less to my tastes – I like weapon-swapping and the variety that can bring.

I only have the basic five character slots still. So trying another class as an insta-ding 80 would require buying a slot or two. That’s a possibility, but I haven’t much to base decisions on what I would try. Although my intro experience of Revenant wasn’t the best, I do still find the profession interesting enough to consider making one at some point. Of the three remaining professions I would probably go for Warrior as, again, I liked playing Warrior in GW1 so there’s the nostalgia factor in wanting to give that profession a try in this game.

What professions are you most excited about playing in Path of Fire? Are the new elite specialisations encouraging you to switch what you play?

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7 Responses to GW2: level 80 dings dilemma

  1. Orthom says:

    Just use the boost. Leveling in GW2 is so fast and you get so many Tomes of Knowledge/Writs of experience along the way chances are that you can insta-level another character not too far into the future anyways. So i wouldn’t agonize about the decision.

  2. Sylow says:

    First of all, i might remember wrongly, but isn’t that lv 80 boost “try before you consume it”, so you use in on your character, you get turned into a lv. 80 character in the Silverwastes and can do stuff there for a while. Only when you make it permanent (e.g. by leaving the Silverwastes, the game will ask you if you want to keep the lv. 80 on this character) you use up the item.

    Please doubleckeck if that’s true for your item, though. I remember that i did that on my necromancer, but i “burnt” the new lv. 80 item on a character which already was lv. 80 as i already have 9 characters at lv. 80 (one for each class), have no free character slot and don’t intend to buy one any more. So burning the boost to get the shared inventory slot was a sound choice for me.

    “But as my husband pointed out, we probably need to keep one character low-level just to be able to do some low-level exploration gameplay on occasion as a contrast to the current end-game zones.”

    I dare to say that he’s wrong there. The lv 80 boost doesn’t auto-explore the world, you get a few additional waypoints in high level areas and that’s it. I think the skillpoints and skills you get are just what you’d get when reaching lv. 80 normally, without completing any of the skillpoint challenges in the world.

    So even a characer boosted to lv. 80 would still have almost all the world to explore still, and thanks to the games downscaling you’ll also not be bored in those zones. You will have a more versatile toolset, but not be overpowered.

    The only sidenotes:
    – Everybody should have a Charr. Or several, just to be sure.
    – Charrs should not be necromancers, though. It just doesn’t fit their style.

    On the Ranger/Druid: yea, i know that several people in the blogsphere are all over the Ranger and Druid, but i find the Ranger a bit bland and the Druid really only of advantage in an organized raid setup. You very rarely would want a dedicated healer in any content below that in GW2. (This was a lesson i really struggled with. I love the healer task in MMOs, but GW2s design really doesn’t want you to bring a specialist for anything below the raidgame. )

    And on the Elementarist and weapon swapping: there is a reason why Engineers and Elementalists don’t have that option, and that’s because they already before bring more variety than any other class.

    Most classes bring around 20 abilities to the field. Two weapons with 5 each on the left side of the bar, and 5 more to the right side. Some of them have a second ability hidden behind the first one, and melee weapons bring a 3-ability chain in the first slot. Additionally there’s the class specific abilities on the F-keys, which can go up to five of them but usually are less.

    Now look at the two big players in versatility.

    The Engineer packs 5 weapon abilities and full five F-key abilities. If he wants, he can select 5 kits, all of which replace the current weapon. So the Engineer theoretically can have 35 abilities available, although most settle for 20 or 25.

    The Elementalists basically determines the range of his abilities by the weapon selection, and modifies their functionality by the elemental attunement. So he always can switch between 20 different abilities on the left bar, and has another five on the right side bar. Now also consider that some of his right side bar abilities also bring different effects or buffs depending on the active attunement and it could even be argued that you effectively field 20 slightly different abilities on the right side bar.

    And that’s before looking at either the Tempest, which gives additional strong abilities when activating the same attunement again, or the upcoming weaver, which will allow you to use mix-attunements, resulting in 12 more abilities being available, as long as you manage to plan a little ahead.

    So with either 45 (present status) or 52 (future status) abilities (albeit some of them are similar) available, the Elementalist is far ahead of any other class in the game. would it still have weapon swapping, you’d end up at 65 or 72 abilities, so i guess it’s quite obvious why it won’t ever be implemented.

    That all being said, i also dare to mention that for small groups the Elementalist in my eyes is the best healer character. No matter which weapon combination you use, you can always attune to water and deliver some healing when needed, to then return to a more damage oriented element afterwards.

  3. bhagpuss says:

    The previous comments covered just about everything I was going to say but I would add my vote to Sylow for Elementalist. The options available with four elements are far more varied than other classes get from weapon swaps and the Ele is incredibly versatile. Supposedly it takes more effort and/or skill to play effectively and it’s certainly not the falling-off-a-log easy experience of playing a ranger or guardian, but it’s hardly difficult even by MMO standards.

    The PoF Elite for Eles, Weaver, didn’t get the strongest reception in the beta but it should be decent. Tempest from HoT, however, was outstanding.

  4. Jeromai says:

    “I want to play a lot more of”
    “good candidate for dinging”

    There you go, level 80 the necromancer and the ranger. Both are sturdier and easier to learn/get to grips with than elementalist, and would be my recommendations as long as someone isn’t in love with the theme of four elements and/or long range channeled casting or being a piano-playing pro and thus is determined to learn elementalist.

    Level 80s can go back into lower leveled zones just fine – I spend a lot of time on purpose in sub level 80 zones to reap the contrarian rewards of higher value drops in places most people don’t revisit – and the experience will probably be more comfortable without half your skills and traits still locked.

  5. I had a blast playing a warrior in GW2, so you might want to give that some more thought. They’re versatile, durable, and just plain fun.

  6. Sylow says:

    “Supposedly it takes more effort and/or skill to play effectively and it’s certainly not the falling-off-a-log easy experience of playing a ranger or guardian, but it’s hardly difficult even by MMO standards.”

    I am a bit amused about this for the Guardian being easymode. That might have been true for old content, where the one aegis once a while and the small permanent health regeneration really made a difference. Also armour still mattered a bit more, so in total this justified giving Guardians a very small health-pool.

    This means that the Guardian can easily survive lots of small damage, but is very vulnerable to spike damage. In the old game you only see that in some bossfights, but in HoT it happens a lot, so the Guardian (especially when set up for melee) has to be absolutely on his toes all of the time.

    So in HoT i find several classes much easier to stay alive on that the Guardian, as their passive defenses work more reliably and their larger health pool means that they can retreat and regenerate after a damage spike, instead of being downed right away. Good examples for that are the Necromancer, Warrior or Engineer. In terms of survivability the Guardian plays very much like the Mesmer, which also requires you to be very active on your defense. This is great once you got it down, but it’s a trap to easily fall into: in the base game it can be quite surviveable “by itself”, but unless you already study and learn to use your active defense, you have a lot of dying ahead of you when entering HoT. (And don’t get me started on my Thief… if there’d be any achievement for dying, i would for sure have it on my Thief. I know that class can be surviveable, too, but i’d have to play it more and practice a lot to get there. )

    For me personally the “easiest” class is the Necromancer. It might not be the fastest, neither in movement nor killing speed, but as long as you don’t forget about the death shroud, it’s insanely surviveable. Not only does it come with a large base health pool and several methods to constantly have some healing, but also you have the shroud, which can be used as a second health pool to switch to when the first one is empty and needs some time to recover. So as long as i don’t mess up terribly, the large health pool allows me to survive damage spikes which would kill many other characters, to then switch to death shroud and regenerate my health while being in that form.

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