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Server choice and community

A recent discussion touching on server community and choice chimed with certain frustrations that I’ve felt as a MMORPG gamer, it led me to thinking more about whether server choice has impacted my enjoyment and opinions of certain games. Some … Continue reading

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EQ2: Yun Zi’s farewell

I’ve just played through the last weekly quest for this Summer’s event in Everquest 2, flying around the world for Yun Zi. The final week’s rewards include some nice items, including the Warslik Pridewing flying lion mount. It also includes … Continue reading

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A tale of two intros

I didn’t manage to get very far in Path of Fire over the weekend, real life got in the way, my one attempt at playing through the intro instance on my Guardian met with a “disconnect and rollback” failure – … Continue reading

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Guild Wars 2: the waiting nears its end

My characters, all four level 80s, are ready to step into the brave new zones of Elona once Path of Fire opens. Naturally I won’t be doing that with the mass zerg at ~20:00 UK time, we have visitors coming … Continue reading

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EQ2: next expansion and catchup events

I read via Massively OP that Everquest 2’s next expansion has now been announced: Planes of Prophecy. The producer’s letter that gives this announcement includes a few details – our characters are off to various other planes such as the … Continue reading

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Cooperative gameplay and combat

Through the same group of four friends I am currently experiencing two different takes on turn-based combat. This type of game is somewhat more relaxed paced than all the MMORPGs that I play, all of them have so-called real-time combat … Continue reading

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GW: the event loot hose

We had a fun session in Guild Wars 2 yesterday, exploring deeper into the Auric Basin zone of Heart of Thorns. We even got our first go at a big meta-event in the Forgotten City of Tarir, rather surprisingly since … Continue reading

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