Progression on multiple fronts

I’m mixing it up gaming wise at the moment as the summer draws on. I couldn’t have predicted the changes that have come over the last few weeks, so here’s an update on what I’ve been playing more recently.

Guild Wars 2
I didn’t really expect to ever get back into Guild Wars 2 but, for now at least, I’m really into the game again. I think the most important factor is that I’m playing the game with my husband. Playing Heart of Thorns zones as a duo makes it palatable to my “gaming as relaxation” mentality – the nerfs that were introduced after the expansions launch probably help me to be happy with the relative level of challenge also. Beyond that I’m loving the movement abilities (gliding and bounce mushrooms), the rich style of the game and the chance to explore a new playstyle via elite specialisations.

Still plugging away at leveling my first character to 70, a Hunter Ranger, now at 68. I’ve slowed a bit as I’m only doing the daily Tyranny of Dragons quest round, but I am doing leadership tasks on this character and logging my Wizard to invoke and progress his alchemy profession as well.

Secret Worlds Legends
The trio group in which I played the original Secret World MMO for  a year or so, has collectively decided to give the new game a try. Sessions are sporadic due to RL scheduling complications, so progress is going to be glacial. Maybe by the time we get to Tokyo some new content might have finally been released? SWL has likely replaced our playthrough of Elder Scrolls Online for the foreseeable future, as we do not have enough regular sessions as a trio to play two games at once.

Everquest 2
I’m logging in weekly to do the Yun Zi summer event quests, but don’t have that much free time to spare for this MMO at present. I’ll probably be back for the next expansion this Autumn/Winter.

Lord of the Rings Online
Although I bought the Mordor expansion, I’ve found the massive ramp up required a barrier to entry. That’s my fault entirely for not having sorted my Champions virtues and gear in advance of the expansion but faced with the choice of grouping to do anything in the first zone in LOTRO or playing easy drop-in games like GW2 and Neverwinter, I find the expansion just not that attractive at present.

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