GW2: Path of Fire trial weekend

Although I wasn’t expecting to have any time in Guild Wars 2 this weekend, we did manage to sneak in a few hours late evening on Sunday. Going into the trial I had a few ideas of what to aim for, experiencing the story of the new expansion was very low on that list as I dislike spoilers in general.

So pretty!

Presented with a choice of a pre-made character of any class at level 80, I chose to try out the Revenant. We never bought or played Heart of Thorns so the temptation to try something completely new was too strong. It seems from the back and forth discussions this week that was probably a big mistake, melee is generally bad unless you know what you are doing. Going into the trial you’re very quickly in the thick of, what seems like to me, Heart of Thorns style fighting. Multiple mobs with nasty attacks, knockdowns or other crowd control and big health pools. So learning a new class in this kind of environment was a pretty dumb idea.

Not the Path of Fire I’m looking for

I did ok I suppose, I only died a couple of times on the later fights; the two doggies are particularly tough unless one bugs and they get separated. It didn’t leave me feeling like I had a good idea of what Revenant is about at all, sadly we didn’t have time to dive into the content I most enjoy in GW2 – a public event or event chain. I did try the race, but got stuck early on and didn’t go back for the ‘pillars’ I’d missed so didn’t get credit for completing it. I wasn’t playing super seriously anyway so that hardly matters but I like the idea of having non-combat content like this.

It started quite well…

The mounts are so beautifully animated, they look to be a potential highlight of the gameplay in this expansion. Not that I really mastered the jumping but it reminded me of a re-skinned version of the movement abilities in the old Bazaar of the Four Winds. Adding to the exploration and movement gameplay in the game is a pretty good idea since this game does it so well already.

Isn’t (s)he a beauty!

I’d like to have tried the content on a character I’m familiar with, a Mesmer or Guardian for instance but time didn’t allow a second run through. Perhaps there’ll be a similar weekend, or preferably one where we can copy a live character across – I’d much rather try out my actual character than some pre-generated clone.

In the meantime I’m considering whether I want to climb the mountain once more by leveling my Guardian to 80 (currently 58) and taking him or my Mesmer through Heart of Thorns to unlock the important bits. I’ve read enough spoilers over the intervening time to not care that much about HoT’s story, but seeing so many players gliding about all over Tyria does make me want to unlock gliding on someone…

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  1. I agree — having to make a quick character from scratch, rather than just copying a character I was already familiar with, was a big part of the problem with the preview. When I did go back and try it again on a class more or less speced similar to what I normally run, it went much smoother.

    I don’t know much about Mesmer, but Guardian apparently has a great ranged DPS Dragonhunter build with scepter and torch that I’m tempted to try out because I’ve heard it’s pretty good for tackling HoT (though you need the Dragonhunter spec, I think). My experience last night trying a ranged rather than melee has pretty much confirmed that ranged is going to give a much easier time. Here’s a link to that build if you’re interested!

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  4. bhagpuss says:

    If you play GW2 anything like regularly you’ll get so many “Tomes” you’ll be able to jump characters to 80 without killing a single thing. Ecah tome gives one level when consumed and I have over a thousand of them in the bank on one account!

    • Telwyn says:

      I’ve started getting some yes, and the boost scrolls for the anniversary presents too. Though there are racial storylines I’ve not seen yet so I might play through those to the point where you all merge into the 3 factions before boosting.

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