SRC: character reset and co-up gaming

There was a balancing patch in Shadowrun Chronicles this week, meaning a character karma (i.e. skill point) reset. That allowed me to correct a mistake with my current character, where I originally took sorcery/rigging but swapped the latter out for automatics due to a clash with another team member.

Aztechnology shenanigans

We’ve been playing a fair amount of this again, playing through the original Boston Lockdown campaign. I imagine we’ll play through the Infected DLC as well afterwards. The original campaign seems easier now than our memory of it, but then compared to the more difficult fights in the DLC campaign that’s not surprising. It may also be a dose of Nostalgia Filter, as of course I have played this storyline three times in total and can at least vaguely remember many of the fights before so the surprises and challenges that may have caused a wipe in the past are less likely to catch us now.

The joys of Manastorm

The game is still great fun to play co-op, it’s telling that I’ve not even finished the first of the single-player Shadowrun Returns games, yet I’ve played through the two Shadowrun Chronicles campaigns multiple times now. I’ve also recently started playing Divinity Original Sin with a friend, a modern “Baldur’s Gate” style game that allows two-player (max) co-op. It seems enjoyable enough to play in that mode, but I can guarantee I wouldn’t even have got past the starter zone without the co-op gameplay, it’s paramount in my choice of gaming these days.

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