EQ2: fly-by tourism

I had great fun today flying around the Kingdoms of the Sky zone for this week’s weekly quest from Yun Zi. The three zones in question are all very different in visuals and moods. I played through a good amount of the Tenebrous Tangle zone on my Shadowknight, but can’t say I remember the other two particularly.

Barren Sky in perpetual dusk

There may be a lore reason why the three zones vary so much in the lighting, like each is stuck in a different and permanent time of day. The Arabian with chains themed Barren Sky, for instance, has the muted light of late evening/dusk.

Bighter skies over Tenebrous Tangle

The vine choked Tenebrous Tangle zone is a brighter zone, with some stunning waterfalls.

Fly me to the moon…

In contrast the third and last zone for this quest is the Bonemire, a place of perpetual night and appropriately spooky denizens.

So I’ve duly done my tourist round trip of three rather different zones, where flying is a real boon for navigation. I look forward to speaking to Mr Zi next week for another checklist of sights to see!


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2 Responses to EQ2: fly-by tourism

  1. bhagpuss says:

    I did this one before the wiki was updated so I had to find all the update points for myself. That meant it took about half an hour instead of ten minutes but it was a very enjoyable half hour. I always liked Kingdom of Sky but now I can fly around freely rather than just on the clouds it makes an amazing playground. I took a lot of screenshots.

    • Telwyn says:

      Hmm, with the exhanced map I might manage this, even if next week’s is in another zone I don’t know – I’ll have to give it a go. I did spend longer than the minimum time on this one because the urge to explore and take screenies was strong 🙂

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