Neverwinter: mixing it up

The campaign system in Neverwinter is actually pretty interesting. As I level my Hunter Ranger from 60 to 70 I’m mixing it up slightly by doing Tyranny of Dragons content (which scales for a wide range of levels), and the higher level Maze Engine campaign (level 60+).

Two campaigns underway

The campaigns past the original leveling zones are a mix story quests and instances, and daily quests. Since progress on a given campaign is limited by currencies earned from the repeatable dailies, it’s not possible to rush all the way through a given campaign in too quick a timeframe. It’s good then to have options of other content to play in longer sessions.

Dodge all the stuff

I have had issues with power-scaling, the Tyranny of Dragons content is mostly easy to solo (Ghost Stories and other lairs being an exception to this), but the Maze Engine content has been pretty rough to play as a returning player. Monsters have lots of ‘crowd control’ type abilities, such as stuns or knockdowns and their damage output is pretty high too.

I’m working on improving my build as level and gear up, but for the most part I focus on the easier and more relaxing Tyranny of Dragons campaign. I certainly want to see the Maze Engine storyline, but some of the fights have been really tough. I even resorted to using scrolls of life in the most recent lair run: the Depths of Madness. The groups of demons in that place were vicious to say the least. It was good practice actually at kiting and using mobility to avoid as much damage as possible, but with the added restriction of staying close to the cleric NPC I was escorting it was touch and go.

The bonus XP over the weekend helped me to ding three levels up to 66 in a relatively short time,  so well over half way to the goal of level 70. Having two different campaigns to work on with different difficulty levels, as the mood strikes me, is a good motivator: onwards to the cap!

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3 Responses to Neverwinter: mixing it up

  1. Shintar says:

    Yeah, Neverwinter’s level scaling is not the best. Downwards it works okay because it doesn’t harm your experience too much if you’re a bit OP, but upwards is a struggle. If you want another campaign to mix things up on your way to 70, Sharandar also unlocks at level 64 these days and doesn’t require you to be scaled up anymore (the first area is level 64, the second one 66 and the third one 68).

    • Telwyn says:

      Thanks, but I actually did Sharandar quite a lot on my Wizard back when the cap was lower, so although it might be easier, I’d rather leave it for this character.

      • Shintar says:

        For me, Sharandar is the one place I never get tired of; I just like green and magical places I guess. I’ve completed the campaign on six characters so far!

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