Sometimes getting started isn’t so easy

Sometimes an attempt at dipping back into a game for a simple task can lead to long and satisfying gaming sessions or a lot of confusion, or both. Bhagpuss’ comment on a recent post alerted me to the fact that there’s a Summer event on in Everquest 2 offering weekly tasks and significant rewards. In attempting to unravel why I couldn’t access the panda (erm, Hua Mein even) village with the questgiver, one Yun Zi, I fell down the proverbial rabbit hole of tradeskill crafting chains on the wiki, leading back and back as I found that I had not done on any of this on any character.

Not the panda I am looking for…

The problem is that this new event uses zones from a level range I’ve never played in the game. I insta dinged two characters to levels 85 and 95 respectively in an attempt to catchup with the bulk of the playerbase, past level 55 and before level 85 the middle chunk of the game’s content and zones are a mystery to me.

Undiscovered country

So a fifteen minute quest for the first week of the event has ballooned into a chain of different quest ‘timelines’ and reputations as I worked my way through the Erudites of the settlement of Paineel, the Kerra cat-people and (at some point) the pandas in the zone.

Getting down to crafting quests

I’m not quite on to the event quest yet at time of writing, but I imagine I’ll manage to get there by the end of the weekend. This detour into Norrath isn’t the only instance of this problem I’ve had though. Yesterday as I finally logged into Lord of the Rings Online to take a look at the new Mordor expansion content I found myself riding in circles with no inkling of what to do to start the new epic quest or expansion content.

Finally, here you are!

I’d last played the end of the last update (20) back at the very start of June, some eight weeks ago. I only have one capped character suitable for running this content on, so I’ve done it exactly once. I assumed the new content would follow-up where we left off – after the Battle of the Black Gate. But travelling between the Camp of the Host and the smaller camp near the two hills featured in said battle, I couldn’t find Aragorn or a new quest anywhere. Back and forth I went via port skill, ‘taxi’ horse ride and manually riding. It wasn’t until after 30 minutes of looking, failing to find any solution in forums or online discussions or in the game itself that I came across Aragorn to the west of the smaller camp. I had no memory of him being there, or the special horse that takes you to the instanced zone of the battle (remember, I did this exactly once two months ago).

Black Gate sundered

Anyway afterwards I whiled away a more relaxing and lore-rich hour of epic story quests, I’ll dive into the post-epic story content more when I’ve freed up some time on my gaming roster. Sometimes the simplest things, like starting a new expansion or a simple event quest, don’t work out quite the way you expect them to.

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3 Responses to Sometimes getting started isn’t so easy

  1. bhagpuss says:

    I hate to say this but I don’t think you needed to do any of the Hua Mein village access quest – that’s not where Yun Zi is!

    He’s standing just behind the Wizard Spire on Spire Island in Sundered Frontier. They’ve put him in pretty much the first place you see when you very first arrive – assuming you come via the spires. Unless there’s something I’ve missed there are no pre-reqs or language requirements to speak to him and get the quests.

    The only thing that makes it look as if there might be is that he doesn’t have a Quest Feather or any sign that he has a quest. He just appears to be a merchant. If you hail him, though, he gives the quest.

    The rewards are totally worth any wasted time, though. You can get the Divine Potency boost with just the first week and that alone is a huge upgrade. The gear seems to be about on a par with the better rewards from PQs, which is well above the solo quest rewards from the last expansion and the augs I don’t think I would have found anywhere else. Plus the familiar boost, mount and the Mara Prestige House and a whole load of really nice house items…

    • Telwyn says:

      I guess I have an out of date add-on. For finding him I relied on the enhanced in game map, not the wiki article, which still showed him in the blocked off village… In any case it was fun to do it all for the first time regardless!

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