Good and bad timings

There’s always something going on in MMORPG land, I have often missed expansion or game launches by being too busy or away at the wrong moment. Watching the reveal of Guild Wars 2 I was briefly excited at the thought of an “open to all” preview weekend for the new expansion. Of course that’s the one weekend in August that I’m away without a computer for the whole Friday evening – Sunday evening period!

On a more positive note I am pretty much free this weekend and from today Neverwinter has a double all the XPs event, running through to the end of Sunday. That’s rather sweet as I’m busy trying to level a character to the current level cap (so from 60 to 70). I can’t say I’ll get enough done to reach 70 (currently my Hunter Ranger is just into level 64), but it’ll be nice to make quicker progress for a few days.


In the way of super focused leveling this weekend is the newly launched Mordor expansion, currently my PC is still patching the game so my planned evening of LOTRO is fast looking a bust (hence leveling in Neverwinter). I’ve got to spend some time exploring the new content. That said I have always preferred to stroll through Middle Earth rather than run – it’s just not a game I enjoy rushing. So regardless of the balance I do strike this weekend, I have enough to occupy my gaming time now.


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  1. bhagpuss says:

    Don’t miss the Summer event in EQ2. The rewards are very good indeed and all you have to do (for the first one) is visit a few locations in Desert of Flames. I did it last night (using the wiki for where to go) and it took less than a quarter of an hour.

    It’s a cumulative process – the more weeks you do, the more things you can get from the vendor, because they are priced in “weeks” not in money.

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