Holding patterns

I’m feeling like my gaming is a bit on hold  at the moment, that’s not to say I’m not gaming, but there are things on the horizon that I’m waiting for, so the games that I am playing may well change over the coming months.

Lord of the Rings Online expansion

Although it has been delayed now (31 July was not met), and no new date set, I’m waiting for the release of the Mordor expansion. This could be a highlight of this summer’s gaming, but I’m containing any excitement until I actually get into the new zones in-game.

Guild Wars 2 expansion announcement

Although the second thing on my list is just an announcement, I do love to pour over the details of such gaming news. Later on today we should know something about the next GW2 expansion as the scheduled dev stream happens at approx 16:00 UTC (so 15:00 for me). I’ve discussed returning to Tyria with my husband, it might be a good game to play with certain relatives, we used to have a lot of fun with them in this game.

Everquest 2 expansion

At some point I would expect there to be an announcement for an eventual next expansion to EQ2, for release in November (maybe announced in September?). A new expansion for this game will probably motivate me to dive back in again, I might even get around to playing the last expansion if time permits to get me caught up on story.

Are you waiting on anything in particular this summer?

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