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WoW: Next Expansion Clues

[Meznir here again, hijacking Telwyn’s blog to talk about WoW] It’s getting to that time of [every other] year again, when World of Warcraft players are on tenterhooks to hear what the next expansion will be. Often by now we … Continue reading

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GW2: Path of Fire trial weekend

Although I wasn’t expecting to have any time in Guild Wars 2 this weekend, we did manage to sneak in a few hours late evening on Sunday. Going into the trial I had a few ideas of what to aim … Continue reading

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NW: missing the gateway

I’m away for the weekend at time of posting and find myself nostalgically wishing the Neverwinter Gateway was still around. It’s been almost a year since this web-based portal for the game closed. For long train journeys and downtime, while … Continue reading

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SRC: character reset and co-up gaming

There was a balancing patch in Shadowrun Chronicles this week, meaning a character karma (i.e. skill point) reset. That allowed me to correct a mistake with my current character, where I originally took sorcery/rigging but swapped the latter out for … Continue reading

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EQ2: fly-by tourism

I had great fun today flying around the Kingdoms of the Sky zone for this week’s weekly quest from Yun Zi. The three zones in question are all very different in visuals and moods. I played through a good amount … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: mixing it up

The campaign system in Neverwinter is actually pretty interesting. As I level my Hunter Ranger from 60 to 70 I’m mixing it up slightly by doing Tyranny of Dragons content (which scales for a wide range of levels), and the … Continue reading

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Sometimes getting started isn’t so easy

Sometimes an attempt at dipping back into a game for a simple task can lead to long and satisfying gaming sessions or a lot of confusion, or both. Bhagpuss’ comment on a recent post alerted me to the fact that … Continue reading

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