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Gliding and movement as gameplay

We’ve played a good amount of time in the first of the Maguuma zones, Verdant Brink, I’m impressed with how the expansion integrated different movement ability unlocks as part of the gameplay. Gliding is unlocked pretty quickly and offers the … Continue reading

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A quick post to note that I am away from keyboard and a computer for just over a week. I have a few posts scheduled to keep the blog ticking over but may be slow in responding to comments while … Continue reading

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Progression on multiple fronts

I’m mixing it up gaming wise at the moment as the summer draws on. I couldn’t have predicted the changes that have come over the last few weeks, so here’s an update on what I’ve been playing more recently. Guild … Continue reading

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‘Value’ of MMO games

The Ancient Gaming Noob has weighed in on a topic started by Keen this week on the value of gaming. The conversation has focused on monetary values and finding non-gaming comparisons like Starbucks coffees or cinema tickets. Monetisation of gaming … Continue reading

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The Guild Wars 2 Guardian, Paladin by another name?

I’ve been playing a good amount of my Guardian alt in Guild Wars 2 these last few weeks and having a blast. I really like the aesthetic of the class, magical abilities infused with blue flame or light coupled with … Continue reading

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GW2: leveling away

I’m busy leveling my Guardian in Guild Wars 2 the old-fashioned way, i.e. by actually playing rather than using an insta-ding to 80. After last weekend’s experience of diving into new content on a class I’m not familiar with, I … Continue reading

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WoW: Next Expansion Clues

[Meznir here again, hijacking Telwyn’s blog to talk about WoW] It’s getting to that time of [every other] year again, when World of Warcraft players are on tenterhooks to hear what the next expansion will be. Often by now we … Continue reading

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