Neverwinter: Casual group content can work

I’ve been plugging away at the Tyranny of Dragons campaign in Neverwinter on my Hunter Ranger and it struck me that the casual approach to group content in the game seems to work pretty well. Not that I’m running dungeons or more formal group stuff at the moment, mind. By casual group conent, I mean the lairs and dragon fights that feature in this campaign.

Lairs are story dungeons, in some cases repeatable, othertimes one-offs. In theory they are soloable, but some like Ghost Stories pictured above are anything but easy to solo, unless you’re an expert at handling the largish groups of opponents, with their crowd control and high damage attacks.

I’ve found it easy to get groups for these lairs however, there are people in zone chat shouting for a group for them regularly despite the content being pretty old now. Same story with the dragon fight, players use the chat to coordinate which instances of a zone have a dragon fight about to start – it’s very reminiscent of The Secret World in the sense that the community seems good at self-organising and coordinating for this type of content. The dragon fights are, by and large, pretty easy – although sometimes they take longer than others so the group size and gear-levels are a factor.

All in all it’s been an easy slide back into the game and group content, much easier than in some other games I’ve played this year. That’s probably a mix of the game’s design centred around a variety of styles of group content, plus the fact that the game’s community is willing to do some of the work themselves. The fact that Neverwinter has a mega-server instead of separate servers – I guess it is easier to find groups when the pool of players is unified this way.

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2 Responses to Neverwinter: Casual group content can work

  1. Shintar says:

    I’ve only grouped for lairs very rarely, but you’re right, people are looking for groups for them all the time. I think this is because in an interesting contrast to many other theme park MMOs, grouping is “the casual option” in Neverwinter. The game doesn’t have a traditional raid endgame, but instead puts tougher and tougher enemies in every new campaign zone in an attempt to get people to pony up to upgrade their gear via the cash shop. Because of that, being able to solo that stuff becomes the privilege of those who have invested a lot of time or money, while the casual players need to seek strength in numbers.

    • Telwyn says:

      I was thinking I’d posting prematurely last night as I did the dailies in Ebon Downs – couldn’t solo the lair there either (which I had on a previous run but found the confined corridors impossible to fight in this time). I didn’t see anyone posting after the dragon kill, unlike GS which always has groups, but after a couple of shout outs someone volunteered to run through it with me even though (s)he didn’t have the quest! There are some really nice people playing NWO 🙂

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