EQ2: PQ distractions

Recently, when playing Everquest 2 on my main server (Skyfire, né Freeport), I’ve noticed a lot of buzz in general chat about PQs or Public Quests. In previous years when playing the game I had tried such public, group-optional content before but found them to be not so popular. Now it seems the developers have found a more enticing formula (or at least better rewards), as they are getting a lot of player attention.

I have tried two such PQs, one in the Kylong Plains zone and another in Fens of Nathsar. Both fights are big brawls with very large boss monsters, some additional small monsters and the odd mechanic to mostly ignore unless you’re unlucky (or melee). Sitting back and attacking with ranged spells seems to be the safest way to contribute to these fights at least for someone with as little raid fight experience as I.

The rewards confused me at first as I hadn’t read up about them. The first three goes at them on my Inquisitor rewarded me with a distinctly superior piece of plate armour, but one that I couldn’t equip as it was “merc-only”. That’s a new concept I’ve not gotten around to investigating for this game – gearing up mercenaries to improve their stats. Seems like EQ2 is learning from early SWTOR (a game which moved in the opposite direction by getting rid of the complexities of companion gearing)…

Finally last night, as a I took a break from the Fallen Gate server to do a quick round of PQs, I received a gear upgrade that my character himself can equip; and what an upgrade! It just shows me how out of date his gear is now, he’s not done Trakanon or the latest Kunark expansion yet as I haven’t been playing that much (and distracted by new leveling servers!). Seems it might be worth checking out what else he could get from these as a catch-up mechanism?

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