LOTRO: making new memories

The ten-year anniversary quests are still available in LOTRO, and despite my lack of gaming time I have managed to now complete a quest for nine out of ten years. This event has been very interesting for me as a long-time but casual player of the game.

One of the conceits of the travels quests are the collection of ‘memories’, clickable objects that represent the locations where memorable events occurred for the NPC named in that particular quest. It’s mechanically very simple but actually there’s a chunk of exploration needed to complete these, the memory items only appear when you are close by so spotting them even with the help of map coordinates can sometime prove a challenge.

The memory collection quests have also taken my Champion all over Middle Earth, a huge virtual world when you spend time travelling the length and breadth of it.

Never been to Forochel before…

I’ve found entire villages that my character missed in places like Dunland and Rohan – out-leveling content was sometimes an issue, and I’ve had phases where I’ve focused solely on leveling through zones. Despite having played the starter zones many times, there are even new memories to be made in Breeland. I’d never done the ‘turtle’ quests before; a charming low-level quest chain that was required for the year nine quest I chose to complete. It’s refreshing to know that there are still corners of Middle Earth yet to discover!

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  1. There is so much content in LOTRO, easy to get lost it’s such a gorgeous game.

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