WoW: class mounts

The last major patch for WoW has brought a few new things for the more casual player, like myself, including the unlocking of new class mounts.

Pictured above is my Druid main in his new owl flight form. I haven’t played him since unlocking this, I’ve been too busy on my Paladin unlocking his mount, but apparently like the travel form (the stag version), the owl is a ‘passenger’ mount. This allows you to carry one party-member with you! Since I haven’t ever unlocked the sandstone drake mount, it is my first flying passenger ‘mount’.

I’ve just finished unlocking the second class mount, the Paladin’s valorous charger. This is a flying mount despite the lack of wings. It’s a nice mount for sure but I normally use Tyrael’s charger on him as a paladin-appropriate yet winged horse.

Next up will be my Shaman to unlock his elemental mount. Each mount requires a class-specific quest chain, assuming that you’re already up to date on the weekly quest series of the Legionfall campaign in the Broken Isles zone. I found the Druid quest pretty easy on my Boomkin, but the Paladin quest was a pain as Holy (mainly due to ‘dumb as rocks’ AI companions). My Shaman is a healer too, hopefully he’ll have an easier time of his quest!

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