First ever MMORPG pics

A little late to party, I noticed the official Everquest 2 Twitter account had asked for players to share their oldest screenshot. That’s a rather fun idea, looking back through old screenshots is always fun!

Everquest 2

Baby Inquisitor

Created back in August 2010 when I joined the Freeport server, this is my first EQ2 screenshot from an early play session in Frostfang Sea.

Guild Wars 2

Freshly minted Mesmer

It’s not many games where I have screenshots of a character actually being created. My beloved Mesmer from Guild Wars 2 stands here as I make choices about his background.

Lord of the Rings Online

Baby Champion

This dates from October 2009, although already he’s level 18 so I must have played for some time before that.

Neverwinter (Cryptic)

Control Wizard’s humble beginnings

Here’s my solo character from Neverwinter in his very first session fighting zombies near the city of the same name.

Star Wars the Old Republic

A now lost Sith Warrior

A rare beta screenshot, yes this is the Sith Warrior I played in SWTOR’s beta, wiped along with all the beta characters as the game prepared for launch. I deliberately chose to play a character from the faction and a class I had less interest in as I intended to play a ranged Jedi character at launch.


A test character in Tera

Before I ever played Tera properly, I tried playing it through the Gaikai streamed gaming service. This now-defunct idea was to play MMORPGs through a browser by running the game on a server-farm and redirecting screen, sound and input to a light-weight browser client. Here I had created a Warrior to play through the original, ‘play level 20 preview’, rather confusing starter experience.

Sadly for some MMORPGs, World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons Online among them I have no complete archive of screenshots – so my first pictures from Azeroth or Stormreach are lost in time after one too many changes of computer.

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