Treasured items

On my more MMORPG well-played characters  I have certain treasured items, items that I value for their utility or style rather than their raw power. I give a few examples below of such items to illustrate what I’m talking about and why I like them.

LOTRO: Horn of the Dwarrowdelf

This item, from certain editions of the Mines of Moria expansion, is a freebie that you can choose towards the end of the tutorial (if you have a qualifying edition of Moria). It’s a reusable buff item that gives +1 Hope for a short time – not a useful effect unless you face one of darkest evil of creatures, those giving the inverse Dread debuff that requires Hope to counteract.

But I always really liked this item, it’s a limited version of an end-game feature that is readily available to all my characters. Moreover it has a very apt in-game cast visual – my Champion blowing some ancient horn to rouse his spirits always made me smile.

WoW: Everlasting Underspore Frond

I loved this item through WoW’s Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King expansions,  it was available in one of the Zangarmarsh dungeons. This reusable item creates a stack of health & mana recovery items – like having a mage always on hand to conjure a snack for your character. Since Wrath the health and mana recovery was too small to use but I’ve kept the item in the bank out of nostalgia. The item was simple and of limited value but it appealed to my Druid’s sense of self-sufficiency.

Do you have any treasured items, perhaps long-since made irrelevant by a game’s evolution?

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