WoW: Arcane Mage time

I’ve been playing a Mage alt in World of Warcraft as the latest character to play through the class hall campaign, he was my instant level 100 back from the Legion expansion’s launch. I haven’t had much time with this class since back when I had a Blood Elf Mage alt back in Cataclysm, it’s been a long time.

Arcane Missiles love

Although gameplay or ability rotations for most of the classes have changed a lot over the years some of the class features that I appreciate remain in place. For Mage, I can still polymorph for crowd control and I can still conjure food and drink (though it’s combined in one item these days).

A slow fall jaunt

It’s not necessarily that useful anymore though as mana isn’t that much of an issue for most classes in the game, ironically Arcane Mage is a specialisation that has mana management as a feature. So if nothing else he’ll need the food himself on occasion.

Mana Buns, nomm, nomm!

This is probably, in part, a nostalgia thing as I have fond memories of the great utility features of certain classes in WoW – the Mage with conjured food and portals, or Warlock with healthstones, the summoning portal and the soulstone. In any case I’m enjoying the current take on Arcane Mage – it’s a tight but interesting ability rotation and the flavour of the Mage still runs through this specialisation.

Warlocks and Mages can still bring the utility in WoW

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