LOTRO: catchup on farming and cooking

Over this weekend so far I’ve spent my spare gaming time leveling farming and cooking on my Minstrel alt. I’ve not actively played this character much over the years: I have logged him on more as a crafting alt and participant in Shire-based RP events like the many concerts the server boasts.

Cooking remains one of my favourite professions in MMORPGs; so when I last played my Champion main and noticed he didn’t have any decent buff food in his bags, it reminded me that I should actually make some proper progress on my cooking. The fact that this weekend is also a bonus XP weekend for various activities is helpful since I have no immediate plans to level this character through questing.

In two evening sessions I’ve managed to tier-up both farming and cooking a considerable amount – farming from Master to Anórien (5 tiers) and cooking from Supreme to Westemnet (3 so far).

My character is high enough into this profession to need access to the superior crafting stations. There’s some riding back and forth needed between the superior oven on the hill south of Michel Delving and the superior farmlands of Hobbiton-Bywater. Given his lack of adventuring progress (now level 28), he’s limited to the only starter-zone that boasts these superior crafting stations. Such intensive crafting activity is increasingly expensive, so at some point my main will have to start sending depositing some gold funds in the shared vault to subsidise further progress.

While I’ve been pottering around, alternating between farming and then cooking, I’ve been struck multiple times by the views. I’ve not played through the Shire properly since I created my Warden back before I even started this blog (my only Hobbit character). So I’m only passing familiar with the lay of the land and haven’t ridden back and forth enough to have become blasé about the beautiful landscape.

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  1. One of my favourite places in video game history, it was so magical exploring LOTRO’s Shire that I went through most of the quests there with three toons, all Hobbits of course!

  2. I love gardening in real life. LOTRO’s farming is the closest in game activity to real gardening that I’ve come across. Very meditative sometimes.

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