Spreadsheets for MMO characters

For the MMORPGs that I’ve played more seriously, I have invariably at some point created a record of my various characters progress. Since I’m a computer scientist I tend to use spreadsheets for simple lists of such info. On my computer I have such spreadsheets for LOTRO and Everquest 2 to track character levels, crafting skill or level and other notes.

I initially created a similar file for FFXIV to track class and job levels (admittedly available in-game) but also other related info like the location of class/job trainers. I have a long since abandoned sheet for my WoW characters still on the computer as well – who needs a spreadsheet when you have the Altoholic add-on to do all the work for you?

Best add-on in any MMO ever!

But I have used spreadsheets for other purposes in other MMOs. In Neverwinter I created a spreadsheet to act as a checklist of the companions that I’d collected on each character. I also had such a file to track companion gear across my alts in SWTOR for a while, another sheet that’s no longer needed in the modern game.

Do you keep spreadsheets or other out-of-game files to track things for your MMO gaming?

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5 Responses to Spreadsheets for MMO characters

  1. David says:

    No spreadsheets, just hand written lists for all my characters goals.

  2. Shintar says:

    Yep, I’ve had a spreadsheet for gearing all my SWTOR characters for a while (used to include their companions too, but as you observed that’s become moot). Since you can transfer certain pieces of gear, it’s kind of relevant to know at all times who could actually use an upgrade. Also got one for the crafting schematics from the current expansion, as they bind to legacy and I can’t remember everything each of my alts knows. 😛

  3. bhagpuss says:

    Generally I don’t use anything other than my memory or trial and error. I rarely have any fixed plans anyway and even when I do they have to be very simple and short or I wander off and abandon them.

    When I very first started playing EQ and it was all a b it overwhelming I used to make notes in a notebook. I still have it. It says things like “4 gnoll pup scalps = 1 white headband” and “rat cap – 3 rat fur, 3 gold”. Once I discovered Allakhazam, though, I just printed out all the info and kept it in a folder.

    Every so often I’ll get annoyed enough by not being able to remember which character is storing what items that I’ll make a list but I always then forget to use the list next time so it’s a bit of a fruitless exercise. It’s usually easier just to log everyone in and look – and more fun too.

  4. I’ve made character spreadsheets for World of Warcraft, but not other games. I like your categories, and have been thinking of using something similar for other games I play as a quick way to see where the characters are, and what crafts they’ve got assigned. Keeping it updated as you play is the thing. If I print it out I can update more easily. I have a notebook for each game I play, with character progress, notes on what to do next time, questions about the game. The spreadsheets could reside there.

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