LOTRO: Anniversary Event and Scavenger Hunt

Lord of the Rings Online has been in the gaming news quite a bit of late given the arrival of the Battle of the Black Gate update (Release 20) and more recently the Anniversary Scavenger Hunt.

Previous years’ versions of this game’s launch anniversary event haven’t encouraged me to participate – I can remember logging in once to a shower of fireworks near Bree but wasn’t actively playing so didn’t investigate further. Typically, this year the event started just a couple of days before I went away on holiday; now that I’m back I’ll be squeezing some free time to have a look. I recently had a lot of fun with the Easter egg hunt activity in Everquest 2, so a similar scavenger hunt in LOTRO sounds like fun.

Is that egg ‘looking’ at me?

I’m sure I’ll get around to the new content of Release 20 at some point as well, but I’m doing a lot of standard questing in WoW and ESO at the moment, so I look for something a bit different in anything else I’m playing. I snagged the anniversary intro quest as well, which I may well never have done and opened the anniversary gift boxes I’d received in my inventory. This quest lead me in a round about way to the Shire Party Tree where the Scavenger Hunts are to be found on cards hanging from said tree.

However en route I was reminded of a recent blog post I’d just read while starting to catchup on the blog feed backlog, one by Syl about inventory management not being fun. It’s pretty spot on for LOTRO, my main character has always had bag space problems. He’s an Explorer by trade so gathers ore and wood, and he’s my tailor too. So you can imagine the array of different tiers of raw and refined crafting materials his bags and bank have accumulated over the years. As was noted in the comments of the linked post, LOTRO’s one failing here is the lack of serious ability to upgrade bags or space in-game. It’s part of character progression, and a very popular crafting activity, to swap smaller bags for bigger ones in several of my favourite MMORPGs.

Bag space is always an issue in LOTRO

There’s the rest of the Intro quest to do and three different Year 1 Scavenger Hunts lists, so lots to do spread all over different zones. I’d seen on Massively OP just before I went away that there are already community guides to this, but it’s part of the hunt for me to actually think about where to go and in what order, so to start with at least, I’ll try to work it out for myself.

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