WoW: flying and sightseeing

I’m back from a fantastic holiday in Greece and Turkey, having spent time seeing new places and sights. As we eased back into gaming this weekend, my thoughts turned to sightseeing in World of Warcraft.

Real world sightseeing in Rhodes, Greece

Before going away I successfully unlocked flying in Draenor and then flying in the Broken Isles. Flying in World of Warcraft is often considered as a great boon to convenience – you can skip a lot of interruptions or hassle when (world) questing if you can fly directly to the next location.


I agree with that sentiment of course, it’s transformed the completion of daily emissary tasks and world quests on the Broken Shore since we can now fly over tight packs of aggressive monsters that otherwise might have slowed or halted travel from A to B.

Getting to Dark Heart Thicket dungeon was a pain without flying…

But actually flying also gives another benefit – it’s a great boon for virtual sightseeing as it both gives you a different perspective on the landscape and frees you to explore areas previously difficult to access. Although it’ll wear off eventually, I am feeling a renewed pleasure in manually flying around now familiar zones just to see how they look from this higher vantage point.

Looking down on the Broken Shore

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  1. zaphod6502 says:

    I have unlocked Legion flying. It is definitely a pleasure to travel around now. I still haven’t unlocked Draenor flying.

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