Annoying NPC voices

There are a couple of NPC voices that I seem to be hearing way too often during recent gaming sessions, voices that annoy me for various reasons. Here’s a couple of examples, in no particular order.

Khadgar, World of Warcraft

Khadgar annoys me because of the words he is speaking, not his actual voice. He’s increasingly given pun-overloaded, silly things to say to us as players – despite the fact that he’s one of the most powerful mage’s in Azeroth’s history and is spearheading the fight back against the Burning Legion’s invasion of our world.

Thisalee Crow, World of Warcraft

Champion deactivated…

Oh how I dislike the voice of my main character’s new class hall champion. She has a nasal, “whiny teenager” kind of voice, that I really dislike. Of course you hear standard phrases from champion’s every time you select them for a mission. If you have them slotted as a bodyguard for questing they even follow you around whenever you’re out and about in the Broken Isles. I immediately deactivated her after finishing the quest to unlock her because I find her voice that annoying!

Random republic vendor guy, Star Wars the Old Republic

This is a particular voice-over not a specific character as it is used for various vendor-type characters throughout the game. Most of SWTOR’s voice over work is fair to excellent, but this is a particularly bad example. Just the words “I have the best hardware and the best prices” in that flat, lifeless monotone is enough to set my teeth on edge…

This post could go on and on so I’ll stop with just three examples. What about you dear reader? Which NPC voice annoys you the most?

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  1. Meznir says:

    Lorna Crowley in wow. Yea gads her British accent is appalling! It alternates between mockney and RP multiple times in the same sentence. My ears bleed.

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