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LOTRO: catchup on farming and cooking

Over this weekend so far I’ve spent my spare gaming time leveling farming and cooking on my Minstrel alt. I’ve not actively played this character much over the years: I have logged him on more as a crafting alt and … Continue reading

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Spreadsheets for MMO characters

For the MMORPGs that I’ve played more seriously, I have invariably at some point created a record of my various characters progress. Since I’m a computer scientist I tend to use spreadsheets for simple lists of such info. On my … Continue reading

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Race/gender locked classes

Although I’ve not been following the upcoming MMORPG Crowfall that closely, the news posted on Massively OP that the devs are removing the planned race/class locks seems a positive development. The game is shifting from the original idea of race … Continue reading

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I’ve found myself playing more sessions that focus on ‘grinding’ recently, a common enough term and trope in MMORPGs. Mindless repetitive activities without any specific driven story or path seems to appeal more than usual at the moment. It motivated … Continue reading

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ESO: racial choice: race change or reroll?

While playing Elder Scrolls Online recently I had a bit of a dilemma over my solo character’s race. He’s my Argonian Dragonknight character, an unwitting clone perhaps of my EQ2 Sarnak Shadowknight. Playing through a major Deshaan quest chain set … Continue reading

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Twitch streams as background

I’ve had a couple of thoughts linked to Twitch streams recently in the back of my mind. I’ve started watching them occasionally on my second screen while playing solo gaming session. That’s not to say I’ve always something on in … Continue reading

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LOTRO: Anniversary Event and Scavenger Hunt

Lord of the Rings Online has been in the gaming news quite a bit of late given the arrival of the Battle of the Black Gate update (Release 20) and more recently the Anniversary Scavenger Hunt. Previous years’ versions of … Continue reading

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