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Finding low level dungeon groups

Patterns of play can come full circle I’m finding – my early years in MMOs was dominated by running dungeons. Yes, I spent time questing in a pair or trio to level characters, but at every opportunity we’d drop questing … Continue reading

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Gathering gameplay

I played a good amount of Everquest 2 over the weekend, any crafting session in this MMORPG invariably involves some gathering as well since you burn through materials pretty quickly. As I flew around the Eidolon Jungle looking for wood, … Continue reading

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EQ2 bonus XP this weekend

So I noticed this on Twitter this morning: Norrath is the place to be this weekend! Earn double XP, Status and Tithe through Mon, May 29 — EverQuest II (@everquestii) May 26, 2017 So like last weekend, where bonus … Continue reading

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ESO: a first dungeon foray

Recently our leveling trio in Elder Scrolls Online made its first foray into a group dungeon: we’ve done delve ‘mini’ dungeons many times but this was our first try at a proper group instance. Since we’re playing Aldmeri Dominion for … Continue reading

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FFXIV: “paid scenario shortcut”

I’ve not been paying much attention to the approach of the Stormblood expansion for Final Fantasy 14 since we unsubbed for nearly two years now as the weight of content that blocked progression at level 50 to Heavensward brought our … Continue reading

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LOTRO: catchup on farming and cooking

Over this weekend so far I’ve spent my spare gaming time leveling farming and cooking on my Minstrel alt. I’ve not actively played this character much over the years: I have logged him on more as a crafting alt and … Continue reading

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Spreadsheets for MMO characters

For the MMORPGs that I’ve played more seriously, I have invariably at some point created a record of my various characters progress. Since I’m a computer scientist I tend to use spreadsheets for simple lists of such info. On my … Continue reading

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