ESO: weapon set dilemmas

We’re still playing Elder Scrolls Online as a trio, although this is juggled somewhat with playing World of Warcraft with a wider group of friends so progress has slowed. My personal goals in-game remain to gradually explore this version of Tamriel and to dig a little deeper into the crafting system.

On my solo Dragonknight, I’ve now reached level 18, and having unlocked weapon-swapping finally, had a plan to go for a combination of  two-handed axe for his main damage focused build and a tanky sword & shield secondary with survival-focused skills. I’m will work towards more specialised builds, one very focused on survival and threat, and the second mostly on damage output and interrupts. At the moment both have overlapping skills, but that’s because I haven’t unlocked much for sword and shield yet.

My current solo two-handed skill bar

This character is my “do all the useful stuff” character too, as he is learning provisioning and alchemy so I can be self-sufficient to a degree and make buff food and potions for him and eventually for my other character in the trio group. Gotta love that shared bank space for the ease of trading stuff between alts…

My Templar for the group has just reached level 15 and has also unlocked weapon swapping but here I’m a bit undecided on which weapons to develop longer term. Currently he has sword & shield as his main and a two-handed mace, but in ESO all two-handed weapons are the same skill-wise, so he’s in danger of becoming a clone of my survival-focused solo character. I want him to be the tank for group play, but he needs something more contrasting I think as a complementary set.

Sword & board Templar

Despite the accidental overlap of weapons the two characters do feel rather different to play: the Dragonknight is up-close and like a damage sponge, the Templar is more effective at ranged attacks and takes the damage only to heal it himself. I might consider a frost staff tanking build for him when Morrowind comes out, it’d make his tanking skillset totally different to my Dragonknight’s and allow for something radically different like a dual staff approach – frost to tank and healing for quick recovery and support skills. That’d mean all his current weapon skill point choices are a bit of a waste (sword & shield, two-handed), but perhaps a skill reset would be justified. In any case I can wait before making that drastic a choice. In the meantime I do want to try something different as a secondary weapon for him, perhaps a healing staff secondary focused on heals that also buff the party like Combat Prayer.

Dark anchors are good for finding spare armour to research

He is also my blacksmith: being able to craft armour for himself and my Dragonknight is rather handy. It’s slow going doing all the research to unlock traits per armour slot, but running dark anchors and delves whenever we play really helps as both activities give armour drops as rewards with some frequency. It’s also handy, and rather unusual, that we can trade quest reward items between the three of us. Since they are specific items, invariably any armour pieces are only of use  to one of us. That means I can benefit from a duplicate heavy piece to study, my husband’s Sorceror can equally benefit from researching duplicate cloth items. I’ve tentatively started working on enchanting as well, but to be honest the hand and bank space implications of leveling blacksmithing and enchanting at the same time are positively headache-inducing.

If only there were an ESO app to manage crafting research…

So despite slow progress, I am really enjoying my time in the game. The world is opening up now that my characters are getting past the early zones and have access to a bigger city as a base for further exploring. The characters themselves are also opening up now, I have weapon swapping to work with, and any dilemmas over what they should develop weapon-wise I consider to be a good thing; it’s always nice to have meaningful choices to make as my characters grow in experience.

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    In re: crafting research.

    google “eso add-ons”

    Look for “Minion” as the add-on manager.

    Install that and then within it you can look for the research grid one. It’s a big help.

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