EQ2: bonus XP week

I found out yesterday, via EQ2’s Twitter feed (@everquestii), that there’s a bonus XP week coming for this MMO’s subscribers, starting later today (April 21st).

Crafting writs

I’m pretty busy at the moment with study and I have a full enough gaming plate, what with the grind for flying for Legion zones in WoW and trio sessions in Elder Scrolls Online. But this kind of XP bonus event can be a good excuse to get on with long-term goals that have lain dormant for a while. I’ve been meaning to finally level a crafting profession to the cap in Everquest 2 for quite some time.

New Halas crafting hall is like his second home

I’ll only have the weekend for any bonus sessions in EQ2 for non-gaming reasons, so getting my Inquisitor’s woodworking profession from its current level 80 to 100 is a tall order indeed, but any levels I can get towards that goal will be welcome progress.

Enjoy the XP deluge if you’re planning on playing EQ2 over the next week!

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  1. Bhag says:

    I’m always suspicious of “bonus” xp events. Anything less than double xp doesn’t seem to justify playing when you weren’t going to play anyway. Still, I’ll probably give it a few hours.

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