WoW: flying unlocked, though not in Legion

Last night I finally unlocked flying in Warlords of Draenor. It’s not something I’ve actively been working on, but on our recent Deathknight tour through the zone I managed to tick off a number of sub-achievements and suddenly it seemed to be within reach.

The main stumbling block, back when Draenor was current content, was the Securing Draenor sub-component. That required my character to complete a list of twelve daily assault areas. These all require going to a level 100 to kill things, destroy things and occasionally rescue other beings. I hadn’t done a single one of these when I started on this, the problem being my compressed and late experience of this expansion – by the time I hit level 100, the max level Tanaan zone was out so I could jump straight to there to get better rewards. Doing dailies in already outdated areas of the original zones wasn’t that appealing.

Having to wait for the right daily among a larger set (not all count towards the achievement), also put a dampener on doing this since I wasn’t in the mood to login daily just on the off-chance one I hadn’t already done was available in my garrison town hall.

However, at some point after Draenor’s launch a catchup mechanism was introduced by buying ‘missives’ to start each of the daily quests from a NPC in my garrison with garrison resources. I didn’t play enough to be swimming in resources, while I was actively playing the expansion I had better things to be doing with them (e.g. gearing up followers with work orders). Now that it is old content the daily free allotment of resources easily funded me ticking of all twelve assault quests in short order.

Finally, flying unlocked on all characters in Draenor. Now for the real challenge, making that reputation level to unlock it in Legion!

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