EQ2: the Eggcellent Adventurer

Alerted by Bhagpuss’ recent post I popped back into Everquest 2 for two brief sessions of Easter Egg hunting over the last two days. Easter doesn’t normally feature in my MMO gaming calendar at all, there’s not that much to do that interests me usually.  So news of a new mini-event in Everquest 2, a game I’m just getting back into after a break, was welcome indeed. To avoid my screenshots accidentally spoiling your own hunt, I’ll put in a read-more for the rest of the post.

Initially I skim read the post to avoid location spoilers but knew I should go to one of faction capitals to go hunt eggs. It didn’t take me long to find my first one either. After that, I careened around Luclan’s dark capital city for many loops, occasionally finding an egg in a dark corner or harder to reach place. I believe I’m pretty good at spotting things in games: years of playing The Secret World, and more recently playing a lot of treasure hunting in WoW’s Draenor zones helps with that. But I don’t know the city that well since I have no characters based here (arguably I know Qeynos even less).

Progress made

Charging round I was mindful of whether the egg spawns were competitive, I’ve no idea still having finished. I’d not seen many players on yesterday within the city, but this morning as I looked to find the remaining two of the five egg-types there were others riding round as well. I had read the eggs were also outside too and I encountered even more players when I ventured briefly into The Commonlands. I found not one egg out there either through lack of luck or others finding them first. It might just be that it’s such a large zone and there are so many potential hiding places out there.

I had no idea how to get up there: cue running around narrow stairs and landings

Finally I had one left to get and had my first duplicate, so I resorted to a tip I’had read on Bhagpuss’ post. I have never asked a guard for anything in EQ2; coming from WoW, it seemed rather archaic to have to type in the name of someone you want to find instead of selecting from a categorised menu. Low and behold though the guard pointed me to the last egg I needed, on a platform across the bay from the main dock – one that I’d glanced at twice as I rode around wondering if an egg might appear there!

/em shakes fist at egg

Thus my character is now officially an “eggcellent adventurer”, and he has a small collection of brightly painted but slightly sinister looking egg pets. My one duplicate is in the account bank: if I have time to do this hunt on my Inquisitor, I may use that to give him a head start…

Is that egg ‘looking’ at me?

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  1. Bhagpuss says:

    Hehe! They are sinister, aren’t they? I saw this morning that DBG have finally gotten around to announcing the event and that when it ends the eggs will go on sale in the cash shop, so I’m glad i got in before all that. Must go and do it with my Stormhold character, assuming the event is runing there.

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