WoW: progress and alts

The Broken Shore content from patch 7.2 has focused my thoughts and playtime in WoW around which characters to progress and in what order. There’s plenty of grinding to be done in this expansion: artifact power first and foremost, but also order hall resources for upgrades, plus a double dose on the Broken Shore with the return of Nethershards as a currency and the need for reputation as part of the unlock for flying.

7.2 changes to artifact traits cap

Unlike Draenor, the barrier for flying is looking pretty low now as Blizzard have made another adjustment recently to take out the requirement for doing all the Broken Isles invasion events; probably a good thing, I’ve only seen two of the four zones’ events so far. That said on my main character I’ve only just hit honored reputation so it’s going to take me quite a while to get there – grinding for rep isn’t my thing in WoW or any game, I have too many games to be bothered about that.

The invasion events do not, to me personally, have the same attraction as the pre-Legion invasions. These events are quite linear and scripted, 4*world quests, then an intermediate task or animation and finally a three person scenario. Worth doing them all at least once to see them, naturally, but I’m not finding them particularly compelling- perhaps the awkward timing is a factor?

Our Deathknights are now at level 97, so maybe a zone and a half of treasure-seeking to go before they too join the stable of alts in Legion. I’m actually rather interested in seeing the DK class hall storyline as my next goal in-game. I didn’t want to have to maintain two artifact weapons on my paladin as the expansion progressed, so he’s sticking to Holy for now. Having a Blood DK in my character mix means I can more easily take on tanking duties for dungeon runs. Guildmates are focused on the release of the next raid, but that’s not so interesting to me and, in all likelihood, I’ll have to wait a long time for it to fully unlock on LFR-difficulty.

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