Crafting gear for alts

I picked up a Ratonga Ranger alt in Everquest 2 recently, I can’t even remember why I created him but noticed him on the login screen and thought it was time to play him. One thing I’ve not done before is actually play a good chunk of the low-level content near either major city (Qeynos or Freeport). The game places new characters in one of four starter zones (New Halas, Kelethin, etc) and by the time your done there your character is level 20 or so and past that content.

So I had a level 4 Ranger sat in Qeynos and no idea what to do with him. A quick wiki lookup revealed that there is in fact a Ratonga racial quest line in Qeynos, so that had to be the number one priority.

After a while though my character found himself seemingly out of his depth, even resulting in a death – not what you expect to be facing at such a low-level! I sometimes forget that I’m playing EQ2 and that I shouldn’t take a quest’s difficulty (or lack thereof) for granted. That was when I looked at his gear and realised it was mostly level 1 starter stuff. Oops!


Thankfully in EQ2 I have a load of alts doing various crafts, mostly not that high level but high enough to equip a new character with anything he or she might need. So I then spend half a session jumping between characters to craft a full suit of armour and weapons. That alone jumped my character’s health and stats up by a wide margin. Plus the new weapons do a lot more damage than the rubbish he was fighting with before. Suddenly the fights that my poor character could barely survive was easy.

Now I fear no ambush

This is probably the aspect of crafting I enjoy the most, making stuff for my own alt characters or those of friends. Although I do like to engage in the player economy in any MMO that I play, having a good measure of self-sufficiency is important to me. I’ve ended up doing the same in Elder Scrolls Online as well, both my characters wear heavy armour and one is training to be a blacksmith so I can keep them equipped. It’s really nice to have a purpose for crafting while leveling and not just at endgame.

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  1. Bhag says:

    I love crafting for alts although it’s hard to find MMOs these days that really support it. Also, I almost always level up in Qeynos/Freeport/Antonica/Commonlands. There is far more freedom to do what you want there than the often on-rails questing of the four later starter areas. And although they repurposed all the starting villages, all the city leveling maps are still intact – and there are loads of them. In fact, you could probably level several characters around the two old capitals from 1-15 or so and barely repeat any content at all.

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