ESO: anniversary bake-off

It’s the third anniversary of Elder Scrolls Online launching and the game celebrates this with a baking-themed quest. I wasn’t playing on previous anniversaries so it’s the first time I’ve seen Donolon, the “Wizard of Whisking”.

Celebrity chefs get everywhere thesedays…

The quest is simple enough, although it requires you to gather some simple provisioning (ESO’s name for cooking) ingredients. My chef/Dragonknight had one of the two lots of honey, but he was completely out of flour and hasn’t even seen a banana in-game. My first thought was to trust in luck and go ransack a delve for ingredients – the nearest to my character was the Inner Sea Armature.

So after travel time and the time to clear the delve to hunt through all those pots and sacks, I managed to find one honey. A result but hardly a time-efficient way to get this quest done. This is where ESO can be a bit tricksy, at least compared to other MMORPGs. There is no global auction house, so finding stuff even if you are near a Guild Trader (the localised equivalent), isn’t always a sure thing. I looked on the trader in Davon’s Watch and there was no flour to hand, bananas were pricey as well at 250G.

Practically hiding, she is!

Thankfully I then did some research as I might have wasted a good amount of gold or a lot of time had I not looked into this. Firstly the flour for the quest is right there next to the quest-giver and for free! Normally any container in a city is marked so if you take stuff you are stealing. The three flour sacks right by Donolon are not so-marked and so you get the flour without any effort! Secondly there are also barrels that may contain honey, I found two but one was empty when I looked, in any case they’re not marked as stealing either. Thirdly bananas are sold by grocers, a type of merchant I’d thus far never noticed or subconsciously ignored. So I got the final ingredient, the bananas, for a cool 150G.

Free flour!

Having found this out with some trial and error I felt motivated to sit around the docks for a while in Davon’s Watch answering the stream of questions and requests for flour and the NPC’s location. Sometimes it’s good to pass on helpful info! Beyond the baking challenge for the anniversary; there are also bonus gift boxes for completing daily and weekly quests,

I’d not encountered that type of content, but the event was prompt enough to go find out more. So I took the boat from Davon’s Watch to Mournhold, a bit ahead of my character’s journey but the location of the main Fighter’s Guild for my faction. Lo and behold I could grab a daily quest to close Dark Anchors from there, my kind of quest!

The bonus reward for handing in a completed daily during the event is a chest of crafting materials, a nice little extra reward for a fun activity!


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  1. Um… you did know the quest gives a hint to buy the ingredients and the map highlights the local marketplace where the Grocer sells bananas dirt cheap? =)

    • Telwyn says:

      Hi Scott, I did realise that before buying from guild vendor yes. Though I then, after writing this, realised that actually the bananas are on a crate by the quest-giver as well so no need to buy anything at all! 😉

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