WoW: 7.2 is golden

So patch 7.2 has landed and we have some new open world content in the form of the Broken Shore zone. It’s a mix of new world quests, world bosses inspired by those in last summer’s invasion event and an eleven week quest campaign. The latter seems to be something akin to the Operation:Shieldwall of the Mists of Pandaria expansion, which I see as a good thing as I rather enjoyed that model of content delivery.

Back to communal efforts for the Broken Shore content.

In other news I’ve switched to the Blessing of Ancients talent on my Balance druid and am loving the visuals. Golden Boomkin!

Spreading the blessing to a friend…

I’ve unlocked the new artifact weapon traits (available when your weapon has 35) on this character and am ready to do so on my Paladin as well. I’m ok with this kind of progression as a background activity but do not want trait grinding to be my main focus in game. I have another two 110’s that haven’t reached the 35 point investment yet to start on this, and if they do it’ll be as a background to running world quests for gear and order resources for them.

New traits unlocked (diamond shape at bottom)

The story of the expansion is keeping me interested still, much more so than Draenor’s, although I wonder just what Argus will bring to the game when we eventually get 7.3.  Beyond that are we looking at another long content gap since no talk of a 7.4 or 7.5 has surfaced? Part of me wouldn’t mind that, I have other goals in other games and WoW tends to trample over my gaming time because of friends and family playing it. It seems like Blizzard are aiming for a pretty big finale to this expansion, with us taking on one of the biggest threats to the Warcraft universe, how can the next expansion top that?

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