ESO: finishing Auridon

In last night’s session we made some good progress and completed the first major zone post tutorial, the elven isle of Auridon. As a reminder, I’m playing Elder Scrolls Online as part of a trio of Aldmeri Dominion characters – one of each race. I continue to enjoy the faction and main storylines enough to feel engaged in the game and the world of Tamriel. The solo-only instances, so far mostly the main story but also the odd random quest too, are an annoyance but no more so than in other story-heavy MMORPGs.

Auridon is an interesting zone: when we created these characters I was slightly worried that two lots of elves plus cats might be a boring faction to play, but I’m liking the intra-factional tensions at play.

Resisting the urge to spend hours “reading all the books” in ESO is a thing. On the rarer occasion that I log back into my solo character I do spend more time reading just to absorb some of the lovingly crafted lore, but when in group it’s awkward to spend time more than skim-reading books that have nothing to do with the plot. That said books occasionally give a free skill-up, so bookcases are always the first priority when entering a new building or ruin!

All the books…

Side quests are a thing in most MMOs, ESOs side quests can be rather good in terms of story and humour. For now we’re doing everything we come across but not quite taking this to the level of obsessing about “clearing every quest on the map”. We did explore most of Auridon but we’ve already had side and guild quests to go to a new zone, so the faction story joining the siren’s call was too much to resist.

Can I climb that?

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