WoW: dinosaurs!

This weekend there’s another micro holiday in World of Warcraft. We flew over to Un’goro crater to fight some buffed up dinosaur-themed bosses for Dinosaur Madness.

The event consists of eight moderately tough world boss-like fights. Each is a level 113 dinosaur, the only reward from a successful kill is the Dino Mojo item that gives a random buff to you and a selected player nearby.

The fights for the most part were easy enough, Queen Zavra is a bit tricky with the broken lines of summoned adds criss-crossing from all sides – if you’ve done Attumen the Huntsman in Karazhan then you’ll be familiar with this mechanic.

Sherazin proved to be too tough for the small group on our server doing the rounds. We then used the in-game group finder to join a cross-server raid to farm the bosses, but didn’t happen to get Sherazin before we stopped.

Overall it’s a fun little event, though there’s no major rewards from this: no collectible items or gear, so replay value isn’t that high. Returning to Un’goro is always a pleasure though as I have some major nostalgia for questing in that zone in early expansions.

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