Wildstar: existing level 50 catchup

When I played Wildstar yesterday I decided to stick with my tried and tested Engineer rather than play the new Esper. I wanted to get back into the swing of the action combat, the dodging and the telegraphs before I then deal with a brand new class and build.

This character has languished in Arcterra of late, indeed I played a session or two there before the Power of the Primal Matrix update went live. While there I noticed a vendor selling white quality gear. White quality is usually effectively trash in MMOs, it lacks the stat bonuses you expect gear to give once you’ve progressed beyond the tutorial or starter zones. But comparing this vendor gear with my character’s quest reward stuff it was all much better – like 30+ ilevels better on average! So I had to take a full set of it to give him a big health and armour upgrade.

Catchup gear?

That will make survival in world boss fights a bit easier I suspect. Coming back into game yesterday I felt like something different, but besides Arcterra I was a bit perplexed how to start him on newer content like the Redmoon Rising pirate-themed stuff or even unlock the Primal Matrix system – my new Esper has a mail about this but my existing level 50 did not.

Turns out I needed to go to one section of Thayd, the Exile capital. There I talked to three different NPCs all stood around together and that unlocked the Primal Matrix system for him, gave me two new level 50 World Story solo-instances to do, and got me started on the Redmoon Rising content.

In the end I chose the first of the solo-instances for an Engineer workout, “Journey to Omnicore-1”. It was a fun run which gave me plenty of dodge practice and also a jumping puzzle to practice some of the game’s extensive use of movement.

A fun session overall, though I’m slightly spoiled playing a tank(ish) character. I wonder if I’ll find Esper to feel super-squishy in comparison?

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