Wildstar: an esper is born

Back from a weekend away just in time to create my new level 50 Esper in Wildstar before the offer expired. Contrary to my expectations I had to create a new character to ding, a slight shame as I had a level 3 Esper that I created some time ago.

In the end my husband also fancied trying this same class as well so he made an Exile Esper as that could pair with my existing level 50 Engineer for some high level duo fun.

My own new character will be good for trying high level public content (ranged dps is safer in big world boss fights than a relatively short-ranged/tanky character) and, if when I find the time, giving group healing a go. I had no time at all to play the new character or anything else so my impressions of the class at level 50 will have to wait, but I’m looking forward to giving the character a spin soon!

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