Wildstar: free level 50 character boost

From later today there’s a free level 50 character boost available in Wildstar, deadline to claim it is March 12th. Although my MMO rota is overloaded already I can’t resist an excuse to log back into a game I’ve enjoyed playing the past, especially for a free boost like this!

Room for a new level 50 character…

It’s of particular interest to me actually since I have long had a desire to have a healer at the cap, but lacked the motivation to level a new character through the same zones so soon after my first full run through of the game. This boost gives me the opportunity to give max level ranged dps/healer a proper try, albeit with the steep learning curve that an instant max level character brings. Although I haven’t looked yet, the linked announcement also has links to some helpful info for new level 50s and a guide for character boosts in Wildstar, so I have some reading to do!

My Engineer main

The issue is that tanks make great solo characters in MMORPGs but that, when it comes down to it, tanking dungeons doesn’t appeal to me particularly, not least if I’m pugging such content. My engineer is a hybrid tank/dps with his build and gear so he’s not at all optimised to do either role in the end game. I noticed just how squishy he is during the boss events in Arcterra for instance. Having a new character won’t solve the issue over gearing dps vs healer, but it will give me a trinity role I’m happier to play for group stuff.

Too close for comfort

That leaves me with a dilemma of which class to pick, I’ll have to dig into the meta of how each of the possible classes plays at high level and whether there are any downsides. I’ve always fancied Spellslinger, although I have a low-level Chua that I’d not want to delete any time soon. Esper is a class I’ve not tried properly and the spell effects do look appealing. Of the options my least likely is Medic, since it seems to be pretty close ranged even for healing.

Do you have a favourite healer class in Wildstar and how does that class play as dps?

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3 Responses to Wildstar: free level 50 character boost

  1. Gracie says:

    Of the three choices I think esper is probably most balanced in terms of how fun the healer vs the dps specs are to play. I really love my spellslinger but I enjoy the dps role on her more than healing. Medic is really strong and I find it more fun than esper but if you don’t like the close-ranged nature of it you probably wouldn’t enjoy it in the long run.

    • Telwyn says:

      Thanks, I did try Medic at low level but found it too “in your face” for my tastes. I’ll probably go with Esper as having two Spellslingers doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

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