Rift: elemental consumables

One of the little things in Rift that I’ve always appreciated are the variety and character of the various consumables that drop when you’re out questing or rifting. These items are one-use buff items are common in the genre whether scrolls, potions or more exotic items.

Combined mana recovery - stat buff item

Combined mana recovery – stat buff item

I enjoy the notable variety of such items in Rift: there are the usual stat scrolls and potions of course, but the omnipresence of elemental invaders in Telara gives inspiration for a host of elemental-themed consumables beyond the norm.

Item description bottom right

Fire buff item slotted on middle bar

I regularly use these items during combat or as preparation before a tough fight and always have done. Early memories of the game also feature these items. I have an alchemist to make potions in the game, although as yet I haven’t leveled an artificer profession to make scrolls. Making such items in MMOs always pleases me for some reason; during the Wrath era of World of Warcraft I delighted in leveling inscripition on my Shaman more for the ability to make the previously random-drop only buff scrolls than to make the glyphs the profession added to the game.

Using the power of Crucia against my enemies

Using the power of Crucia against my enemies

Many MMORPGs if not most have one-use, temporary buff or resource-recovery items but Rift takes it to a new place with all these elemental-themed items; you are taking fragments of the power of invading forces and turning it against them. In reality the items are presumably such a minor boost as to be forgettable, but I use and appreciate them all the same.


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2 Responses to Rift: elemental consumables

  1. bhagpuss says:

    Oh they used to drive me nuts! I had bags and bags full of them – still do I guess if I ever logged in.

    I generally dislike consumable items on principle, unless you can just stack them, slot them and forget them like food and drink in EQ2. I always feel I ought to save them until I really need them and then, of course, when I do really need them it’s because things are going horribly wrong so I’m in no position to find and use them.

    That’s one reason I have very serious trouble playing any game that relies on chugging potions to heal yourself. I always think I’ll run out so I try to use as few as possible which makes everything much harder than it’s intended to be. A few MMOs/RPGs manage to find a happy medium but mostly it’s all or nothing. Rift is by no means the worst offender – I used to remember to use a scroll now and again – but I’d rather have had the bag space!

    • If you ask me, you’re not a true RPG player unless you have a giant pile of consumables in your inventory that you never actually use because you’re saving them for when you *really* need them. 😛

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