ESO: Tamriel trio

We started yesterday playing Elder Scrolls Online as a potential new trio group game. I’d recently popped back into the game because there has been quite a lot of buzz around this MMO and the announcement of the Morrowind expansion. It was one of the potential games for us, as a trio of friends, to try as we wait for more content to launch in World of Warcraft.

After some travails to all get downloaded/patched and in-game we chose Aldmeri Dominion as a faction and a trio of races as characters: my Altmer Templar, a Bosmer Nightblade and a Khajiit Sorcerer. Last year I’d played the Ebonheart Pact starter zone already on my Argonian Dragonknight so something different was good for a change of scenery from the ashy volcanic slopes of Stonefalls.

Tamriel trio rebooted

Tamriel trio

The tutorial was mercifully short and mostly not instanced so we were able to group early on. There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting down to play a game with friends, only to then have to all play a lengthy tutorial solo. We wandered about playing through the starter island story for a good evenings session and have arrived at the town of Mistral.


The game seems to have straightened out the phasing issues that plagued our beta experience – we played through quests as a group without phasing mishap or bug. I realised that the bank account is shared across faction so now have the potential to get crafting potions on my Dragonknight and to have this new character craft armour or something else useful to both a Templar and Dragonknight (provisioning?). This easy transfer mechanism certainly has helped to tidy up two characters inventories, already full of standard starter area materials like ore, cooking materials and herbs.


More impressions to come when we’ve progressed beyond the starter island!

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2 Responses to ESO: Tamriel trio

  1. Coppertopper says:

    I just started again a couple weeks back. Removing level requirements for zones has really livened up the zone chatter. People constantly forming grouos in chat for world bosses and dailys. I’m still not crazy about the floaty combat but so much else about ESO is done really well.

  2. Sylow says:

    “The game seems to have straightened out the phasing issues that plagued our beta experience – we played through quests as a group without phasing mishap or bug. ”

    Yea. I keep reading that the game by now allows multiplayer. I am tempted to go back and give it a try, but when i mentioned this to my girl, i just got the eye. Considering that she’s ready to give about any game at least a try, this is quite telling.

    I mean, we looked at ESO during the beta. We were smacked hard by phasing problems. Traditionally her character was built as glass cannon. We roll like that in about any MMO or about anything which allows such Distribution. (Even in Path of Exile i am set up as “tank” and even in Borderlands 2 i serve as combat-healer… 😀 ) Unfortunately too often the phasing nonsense decided to progress me to the next instance and made her face the boss alone. It resulted in pure frustration for both of us. While she got defeated several times in a row till figuring out how the hell to defeat the boss alone i had to wait and watch at her screen without being able to do anything.

    When the game went F2P, i kept reading that things were fixed and the problems were gone. Alas, we gave it a try and things went south the very same road again. I doubt i could persuade her to head to that potential hell a third time. So i guess i got to say: sorry ESO, but whoever came up with that phasing stupidity burned you forever for us. It seems like you won’t get a another chance to redeem yourself from that.

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