SWTOR: Loner agent?

I’ve been playing more of my Imperial Agent after the recent vacation, and ruminating on the companions this class has. Some characters have a very strong ‘team vibe’ going with their companions – of the ones I have played the Jedi Consular and Trooper spring to mind. Even the Bounty Hunter has somewhat of a team ethos; given the treacherous nature of the profession, it’s only natural that any good bounty hunter needs someone to watch his or her rear.

Agent and Vector

Agent and Vector

But the Imperial Agent really feels like a loner class; having companions so far has tended to seem more like baggage than backup. Vector is a good companion, if somewhat creepy. Otherwise I haven’t any affection for any of them particularly and all of them seem to have their own flaws or reasons to get me in trouble with my superiors. I suppose that’s good for the vibe of working as a spy – how much can you ever trust others operating in the that shadowy world?



The game reminded me in the last session that all SWTOR characters are expected to be a team player regardless of class or ethos. I was so used to having a pocket healer walking around with me (Vector by choice) that without him I died on a class mission! It seems to me that character death when running solo missions hasn’t been much of a risk at least since companions were changed to be flexible. During a mission on Belsavis Vector was out of action suddenly (because story) and I found myself rather suddenly at the death screen – I’d been fighting almost on auto pilot without paying any attention to my own health bar. With this character I’ve almost never had to use his own heals since the companions do the job better anyway.

Sneaking around as usual

Sneaking around as usual

I play so much in stealth on this character that it is easy to assume that danger is an unknown to him, but it seems I do need someone to keep the kolto at the ready!

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  1. Isey says:

    I just started SWTOR and am on Ilum with my Jedi Knight (good times) – I am leaning AGENT to do the story on the Imperial side.. what is the best solo PVE build? Sniper? Operative? Google is all end game builds for raiding, etc. I just want to experience the story =)

    • Haneef Azme says:

      If you just want to explore the class story…any build is viable. It just depends on your taste / playstyle.

      Operative Imperial Agent is mostly about stealth and close-quarters combat (most of the abilities are within 4 metres range). You could also play as a healer (Medicine Operative).

      Sniper Imperial Agent is all about long-range combat (most abilities are within 15-30 metres range) with cover mechanics. All of its disciplines are for DPS though, with my personal favourite is the Marksmanship discipline for its high burst damage.

      I would also say a Sniper Agent is easier to play than an Operative Agent due to to its long-range combat and its cover mechanics, but your mileage might vary.

      In terms of story purposes, both Sniper and Operative Agents playstyles fit very well with the story and do not feel out of place.

      Those are my 2 cents. (Currently having a lvl 50 Medicine Operative and a lvl 30 Marksmanship Sniper).

      • Telwyn says:

        To add my thoughts to this:
        I’ve played Operative Agent up to level 42 now so far. I really like the mix of close up and ranged skills plus the emphasis on stealth. I tried the sniper equivalent build for Smuggler but gave up pretty early on as I didn’t like the cover mechanic in SWTOR. Naturally my opinion might change as and when I get around to trying it again some day!

    • Karinshastha says:

      Agent is the most intriguing story, in my estimation, with choices that have some bite. Sith Warrior is a strong contender for the crown – Darth Baras is superb.

      As far as I can remember, I went Marksmanship Sniper and had a blast. Like, a literal blast. Just use Kaliyo as cannon fodder and you’ll have more story than you can shake a stick at.

  2. The whole theme of the agent story is trust and deception, so it makes sense that would be reflected in the companions. That said, I still felt a strong bond with most of them. Kaliyo and SCORPIO will clearly try to murder you in your sleep at the first opportunity, but the others are fine.

    I romanced Vector, so I knew he always had my back. Not sure how things would’ve been different if I’d played a dude. Temple was my loyal protege. Lokin clearly has an agenda of his own, but he and my agent always had a nice camaraderie, and I always had the impression he would stick with me as long as I was willing to look the other way on his mad science.

    I think Lokin is one of the game’s more interesting companions, actually. He and the agent have a great dynamic; two liars who know they’re never going to be completely honest with each other but have decided to trust anyway.

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