Back and catchup time

A week away is a long time in the blogosphere / MMO news cycle. I missed quite a few things going down, most notably for me:

  1. Elder Scrolls Online’s expansion announcement – Morrowind
    This has drawn my eye back to ESO, a game I’ve dabbled in a few times since launch but never stuck with. Unlike the recent introduction of a housing system, I have plenty of houses in other MMOs already, the pending addition of the Morrowind lands to the game will be of significantly more interest to me as that’s the Elder Scrolls game I played the most of the entire series. The dark elven (a k a Dunmer) lands are fascinatingly alien compared to other starter lands, so seeing more of them in this game may draw me back in for a longer stint…
  2. Lord of the Rings Online account renewal changes
    One consequence of the spinning off of LOTRO and DDO from Turbine is the recently announced requirement to login to the game to approve the terms of service for ongoing payments such as subscriptions. So anyone with an ongoing sub for either game should login before March 13th to ensure no issues occur. I saw no indication of said agreement but then I’m a lifetime subscriber so I don’t pay anything technically. Regardless logging in to get a free account-wide mount “the Steed of the Eldar” is a rather nice reward just for logging into a game I play anyway.
  3. WoW token inflation
    While we were away Blizzard expanded the WoW token to be convertible into account balance that can be used to pay for other account services such as server transfers or character renames. The current impact of that is a wildly inflated token price – over 160,000 gold on Moonglade (EU) as of last night. That’s way beyond my reach, and a price I’d not be happy to pay anyway – I have 14 days left on the current token so we’ll see if the price recovers to more sane levels in the meantime. I have only stayed with WoW this long in Legion because of the token system, otherwise I’d be subbing and unsubbing in between content patches as I do for some other MMOs that I play.
  4. Star Wars the Old Republic boost events
    I read this morning via the SWTOR Commando blog that there are some boost events ongoing in SWTOR including a 250% boost to command experience and a similar boost to character XP when leveling. The former is a nice bonus although I’ve not played my Shadow main enough to really get many command ranks as yet. Since the event lasts until April that gives me some time to do some more non-story content on him to benefit from the event. The second boost to XP is always a bit of a mixed blessing, I suppose it’ll mean my Imperial Agent can focus solely on his class story through to the end of chapter three now – that will at least allow me to finish another class’ base story in a shorter timeframe.

That’s the four news items that stood out the most to me this morning, although I have over 40 unread blog posts to read through and a lot of catching up to do on news sites!

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