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I read last night, via Massively OP, that Standing Stone Games has been talking about the plans for this year for Lord of the Rings Online. The major piece of news is that our character’s adventures in Mordor, the focus of the next expansion, will take place after the ring has been destroyed.

Mordor is that a way...

Mordor is that a way…

It makes sense given the general trend of our character’s following in the Fellowship’s wake; at times our journey may intersect with that of specific heroes, but we are normally behind them. I see this as both a sensible choice to avoid the expansion’s climax being utterly predictable and to pave the way for what is to come. This expansion is likely to be the beginning of something rather exciting, our character’s saga emerging from under the shadow of events, rather than the end of a journey tied to the story of the books alone.

End or new beginning?

End or new beginning?

Strangely LOTRO is one of the few MMORPGs that does not adopt the “you’re the amazing hero” narrative device used by so many. Sure our characters do deeds of heroism, and get recognised for it, but we’re never quite put up on that pedestal as the saviour of the world. The Fellowship’s journey has dictated, with quite a few deviations, our general route through Middle Earth. It’ll be very interesting to see where SSG will be taking them after our trudge into Mordor…

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  1. I’m not a LotRO player myself, but setting the Mordor expansion after the destruction of the Ring strikes me as a very smart move. It gives them a lot more creative freedom. I don’t think Tolkien had a lot of official lore for around that time — not detailed lore, anyway — so they’ll probably have more freedom than they ever have before.

    Almost makes me want to give the game another try. Almost.

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