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Rift: carnage quests synergies

I was running some Instant Adventures in Rift when I noticed, for the first time, the synergy between this jump-in questing activity and the carnage quest type. Instant Adventures seem to often take place in low-level areas of Mathosia or … Continue reading

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SWTOR: Loner agent?

I’ve been playing more of my Imperial Agent after the recent vacation, and ruminating on the companions this class has. Some characters have a very strong ‘team vibe’ going with their companions – of the ones I have played the … Continue reading

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The thought of starting fresh in a MMO

I read Chestnut’s recent post about starting fresh in The Secret World with interest and a good measure of respect. Starting over in that game in particular is a major task as the game’s mechanics allow for so much ‘horizontal’ … Continue reading

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Recovery time in MMOs

Playing a few different games had me thinking of recovery time as a concept: I mean here time in-between fights where your character needs to rest or do something to recover health, mana or similar resources. The point being that … Continue reading

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Path of Exile: expansion news

So I haven’t talked about Path of Exile for a while, but I read over on MassivelyOP that there’s an expansion due “later this year”. Let’s hope this doesn’t come out at the same time as Morrowind! We had fun … Continue reading

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Back and catchup time

A week away is a long time in the blogosphere / MMO news cycle. I missed quite a few things going down, most notably for me: Elder Scrolls Online’s expansion announcement – Morrowind This has drawn my eye back to … Continue reading

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AFK for a week

I’m off travelling this week, so there’ll be no new blog post until I return. Happy gaming in the meantime, dear readers!

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