Rift: roadblock quests

Before the weekend I came across an example in Rift of what I’ve decided to call a ‘roadblock quest’, one that I need to complete in order to continue the main storyline of the expansion, but one that isn’t doable without unusual measures.


Up to this point the storyline was easy enough to follow solo, tough at times if I accidentally overpull densely packed monsters, but certainly soloable. The quest “Eyes on the Oculon“, however is a pretty hard nut to crack. As I neared the end of the quest, a longish series of tasks, involving me bouncing between the ironclad wrecks of the Bloodfire faction, I came to the last step of boarding their flagship to destroy the titular ‘Oculon’.


Here though, after battling past lots of trash, I had to fight four elite monsters guarding the item, followed immediately by a boss. I tried this fight in all my available specs and didn’t come vaguely close to killing all four. I had no quest item I could use to weaken them or somehow even up the odds. So eventually, as my soul repairs mounted, I looked online for some clue as to what I was doing wrong.


According to forum discussions it seems to be the quest rather than my approach at fault, although there is an accessible to all ‘work around’. The Intrepid Adventure system, drop-in and out raids, bolsters all characters joining it to level 65 (four levels above the zone). Using that system but not clicking teleport leaves me a time window of being over-powered before the system kicks me for inactivity. That allowed me to kill the four guards with ease, I then dropped from the raid in order to defeat the boss as normal.


This ‘roadblock quest’ is either miscategorised and should be flagged as ‘group’, or preferably adjusted to cater for the thinner player population in zones below the current content. Sure, I might need to work more on my builds still, but killing four elite mobs at once seems a bit of a stretch for normal solo content. I imagine there are examples in other MMORPGs of quests that can block progress and that are far more difficult than they should be, perhaps due to a bug or a misjudgment in the quest’s difficulty.

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