SWTOR: embracing rogue gameplay

I’ve never liked playing rogues in World of Warcraft or any other MMORPG actually. I have tried to play it a few times but I just didn’t like the melee-only combat, positional ability-use and such.

Backstab time...

Backstab time…

With the Imperial Agent and, to a lesser extent the Jedi Shadow I play for the latest content, Star Wars the Old Republic may have finally converted me to this style of gameplay. There are a couple of crucial improvements or tweaks to the formula that Agent in particular brings though.

Melee time

Melee time

Playing Imperial Agent, with the Operative advanced class, gives me stealth and balanced set of blaster skills, knife skills and utility abilities. Movement and position are important as usual, I have melee-only skills and the traditional “backstab” attack. But unlike traditional rogues I have some valid ranged attacks as well, so I can choose to stand back and shoot or charge in and stab or a blend of the two. That balance  I think what’s really appealing to me about this class in combat – I love the stealth of the Jedi Shadow but it is a strictly melee class. The Agent gives me options either to react to a developing situation or  to mix-up combat gameplay so it doesn’t become stale or repetitive.

'Ranged rogue'

‘Ranged rogue’

I’m not sure it’ll become my main character in future, I do love my Jedi characters, but this class has made me reappreciate an archetype that I’ve never really liked in the past.

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